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After stumbling due to COVID-19, Cuban boxers will be shown in Mexico City


ARIEL PEREZ and Yoelvis Gómez (r), two of the four Cubans who will go into action in Mexico City.

Finally the light appears at the end of the tunnel for a group of boxers stationed in Mexico. After seeing with frustration how the coronavirus forced to postpone a presentation for July 10, now another date is confirmed on the horizon.

Boxing Major League, a promoter based in Las Vegas that underpins the professional development of these four fighters, confirmed that everything is ready for them to take the ring on September 12 in the Mexican capital in an evening that will be broadcast to everyone via Facebook.

“They have been very complicated weeks that not only we have felt, but the entire planet,” said Aldo Rodríguez-Mir, president of the company. “But since July 10 we have not stopped looking for alternatives, nor have the boys stopped training. They are eager to show themselves in Mexico and for all fans. ”

So far, the group represented by businessman Jesse Rodríguez has been associated with the Miura Boxing gym, under the supervision of coach Adán Vargas.

Almost all the opponents have already been confirmed and all the health protocols required by law in the Aztec country have been planned, where billboards such as those of Zanfer Boxing have already been made, where warriors of the stature of Miguel Berchelt and Emanuel Navarrete.

The evening will not have an audience, but Boxing Major League will create in a few days a Facebook page under the name of The Contender Latino, where it will broadcast not only everything that happens that night, but another series of future billboards.

“We have ambitious plans to support our Cuban boxers and those of the entire Latin American region,” Rodríguez-Mir confessed. “But now we are focused on unveiling these four talents that I am sure fans will love from the moment they see them.”

Yoelvis “La Joya ” Gómez (1-0, 1 KO) is the name that stands out the most, but Ariel Pérez de La Torre (2-0, 2 KO), Jailer“ El Capirro ” López (2 -0, 2 KO) and Geovany “La Bestia ” Bruzón (1-0, 1 KO), all with the idea of ​​exhibiting their skills and following the rise in professional ranks.


Yoelvis “La Joya” ‘Gómez: 160 pounds and 22 years old, he has been twice national youth champion in 2015 and 2016. Son of the legend José Gomez, one of the greatest Cuban boxing hitters of all time and Olympic champion of Moscow 80. He has technical boxing , very attractive, but what makes him special is his aggressiveness and his power with both hands

Geovany “La Bestia ” Bruzón: 22 years old, left-handed, 6.5 inches tall. He was the national youth champion in 2014. He has an impressive physique and a unique style for being a heavyweight. He hits with both hands, loves the short exchange, and does remarkably well passing punches. He combines his great hand speed with power punches.

Ariel “La Pulga” ‘Pérez: 122 pounds, 21 years old. National youth champion in 2016 and captain of the Camagüey team, he loves the fight in short and will always propose. He throws a large number of round-robin punches overwhelming his opponents, possesses a vicious attack to the body, which is rare in an amateur but very valuable in professional boxing. He is one of those fighters who does not mind risking his physicality in order to place his combinations and make a fight that the whole public likes.

Jailer “El Capirro ” López: 126 pounds, 21 years old. From the moment the bell rings, he goes out to fight, but he does it with technique, an impressive hand speed and a devastating power that does not give the opponents time to react.

“We trust all of them and believe that they will go very far, due to their conditions and work ethic,” said Jesse Rodríguez, manager of the four. “The main thing now is for people to know them, to identify with them, both the Cuban and Latino fans. There is very good material in this group. ”

Jorge Ebro is a prominent journalist with more than 30 years of experience reporting on Sports. Baseball lover and lost love of boxing.