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The Miami Marlins extend their magical moment in New York helped by another rookie


Jesus Aguiler and Francisco Cervelli make themselves felt for the Marlins.

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The Marlins are running out of surprises. What can come after Humberto Mejía? The last three days he was sitting, without a uniform, in the stands and this Friday he had the opportunity to make his debut in the Major Leagues, when the team sent Jorge Guzmán to the Minors.

Mejía never pitched past Class A high and was part of the so-called Taxi Squad, but he led the group of relievers that led the Fish to their sixth straight win, this time 4-3, over the Mets at the start of a series. In New York. .

On-the-go measures at tough times, but everything seems to be working for Miami since the coronavirus explosion turned the organization into the Black Sheep of the Majors and forced 18 players to undergo a mandatory quarantine.

With little-proven figures like Mejía and a group of players signed on the run, most of them relievers, the Marlins have performed better than anyone expected and remain at the top of the East Division and with the best winning percentage in the United States. all the old circuit.

Another fact: this is the seventh consecutive game in which the fish have seen a player debut in the majors. Not with the club, but for the first time in his career. something really impressive that makes it difficult to believe this good moment in such difficult circumstances.

How much longer can it last?

Although without hugs or handshakes, the Marlins enjoy these days to the fullest and celebrate that a young man like Mejía gives them 2.1 innings with a run, and that the relievers do their job in front of the New York hitters, while veterans like Francisco Cervelli I supported them with a three-touch homerun.

Eddy Alvarez is still looking for his first major league hit, but he made the fielding of the night in the eighth, as the Mets threatened to tie and go ahead.


Several players of those who are kept in quarantine in Miami have returned to give positive tests for coronavirus, which indicates that the return to the field would not be as close as would be desired, one of them is the club’s capital, Miguel Rojas, who shared your Twitter experience

“They ask you when I will return,” wrote the Venezuelan. “I feel 100 percent fine, but the protocol says I have to submit two negative tests in a row and I still don’t have a negative one. After that happens, I need to get back to the sports way of playing baseball. ”


After crashing into the center field fence Thursday against the Orioles in an attempt to catch a hit, Monte Harrison had no trouble staying in play and an X-ray test revealed there were no structural problems in his knees.

Despite everything, the team decided to give him a day off.

“They did an x-ray test to make sure there wasn’t any kind of problem,” manager Don Mattingly said. “It hurt a bit in the game, but it was to be expected with the crash he had. His knee was a little sore. ”

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