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Miami and Toronto, the two faces of the mirror of reconstruction. Who will look better in the glass of the future?

They are two faces of the same mirror: that of reconstruction. The Marlins and Blue Jays are trying to change their trajectories with a strong renovation effort that has taken them years, but that still does not offer rewards, although it does offer encouraging signs for the future.

Who will have better luck in their project, Miami or Toronto? It’s still too early to give a full picture of what’s to come, because as Don Mattingly, the fish manager, knows, prospects are good until they can prove in the majors that they are better.

“They are boys with a lot of talent, with conditions to prevail,” appreciated the manager, who was a superb first baseman in New York. “But they must show that they have to stay at that level. The answer in each case may take a while, but the talent is there. ”

The Blue Jays, settled for the moment in their home in Buffalo, exhibit a group of players who are backed, in several cases, by important names in baseball such as Bo Bichette, Cavan Biggio, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Lourdes Gurriel Jr. None have over 26 years.

Unlike Toronto with its position player gems, the Marlins lean on young pitching figures like Sandy Alcántara, Eliéser Hernández and Pablo López, all of whom are already in the majors, plus door knockers like Edward Cabrera or Sixto Sánchez.

“As I was part of that organization, I know what they are doing and I have tried to follow some of those prospects,” said infielder Jon Berti. “I think both franchises will give a lot to talk about in the coming seasons.”

Who will get to the promised land first?

After last three consecutive spots in the AL East, there is a feeling in the Blue Jays that the time is now, but the start of 2020 has been uneven and it will be very difficult to unseat the Yankees and Rays at a time where the Red Sox seem to back down.

The fish, for their part, do not speak so much of positions in the table as of advances in the competition, of steps forward that demonstrate the validity of the path taken three years ago, when Derek Jeter took command of the organization as head of a new group of owners.

“The talent there in Toronto is great, but here there is also an important group of players,” said first baseman Jesús Aguillar. “From what I’ve seen, the Marlins will have a good batch of players soon and for the future. Here they are doing things well. ”

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