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The NBA will allow players to have guests in the bubble

NBA players could count on the company of some close family or friends inside the Walt Disney World bubble before the end of the month.

And it opens the possibility of having a reduced bar in the playoffs.

The league communicated guest protocol to teams on Wednesday in a memo that was obtained by the Associated Press. The opportunity to have guests will only be for teams that reach the second round of the playoffs. The closest date a guest can complete the quarantine process to meet a player would be August 31.

In most cases, players will be limited to four guests.

The league informed the teams that all guests must be a family member, “old friends with whom the player has an established, pre-existing and known personal relationship, recognized private security personnel and childcare services.

Those who will not be allowed to enter the bubble: “physical trainers, masseurs, personal chefs, hairdressers, tattoo artists and current / potential business partners, certified representation agents (unless they are family members), among others”, reads the text.

Also not allowed, according to the league: casual acquaintances, friends of their guests or anyone that the player has not previously met in person, or that “the player met through social networks or intermediaries.”

Players have made no secret of how hard it is to stay away from their families and close friends within the bubble. Some have had to leave for family emergencies. Others, like Gordon Hayward of Boston, have said they would leave with the impending birth of a child. Hayward and his wife are expecting the birth of their fourth child next month.

“I miss my family a lot,” Lakers star LeBron James said last week. “My wife, my children, my mother, and others. It is something very demanding ”.

The Phoenix Suns took the initiative to have friends and family in the games – with videos in which they are in charge of presenting the five starters for the commitments in which the Suns play under the condition of being the home team. The video went viral Tuesday, with Toronto’s James and Kyle Lowry praising them.