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Israel targets Hamas sites in Gaza over incendiary balloons


An operative from the Israel Nature and Parks Authority tries to extinguish a fire caused by an incendiary balloon launched by Palestinians from the Gaza Strip on the Israeli side of the border, near Or HaNer Kibbutz, on August 12, 2020.


The Israeli military said it struck Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip early Thursday morning in response to the continued launch of explosives-laden balloons from Palestinian territory into Israel.

Among the sites attacked were a compound used by the Hamas naval force, an underground infrastructure and observation posts, the Israeli army said. No personal injury was reported on either side immediately.

Israel and Hamas have fought three wars and numerous smaller conflicts since the Islamist insurgent group took control of Gaza in 2007.

In recent months, the two sides have largely complied with an unofficial truce, but in recent days the launching of incendiary balloons launched by insurgents from Gaza has been reactivated, setting off serious fires in Jewish agricultural fields.

Israel holds Hamas responsible for all the fires set off the coastal enclave. As part of its retaliation, Israel announced that it will suspend the importation of fuel into the Strip and reduce its fishing zone.