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Peru adds 25,648 deaths from the virus after new count


A Peruvian flag flies alongside a cross at a cemetery in Ventanilla, Lima, Peru, Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2019.

AP Photo

Peru announced on Thursday a new count of its deaths from the new coronavirus and the number rose to 25,648 since the start of the pandemic, authorities reported.

The South American country added to its fatal number another 3,668 victims who died from confirmed causes of COVID-19 and who had not been counted, said the Deputy Minister of Health, Luis Suárez. The review of this new group arrived until July 17, missing from that date onwards.

The authorities, together with a group of experts that includes the Pan American Health Organization, will continue to review the missing cases and will deliver a new update on the death toll from the virus in the middle of next week.

At the level of Latin America, Peru is the third country with the most infected and dead after Brazil and Mexico.