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The jackpot of the lottery is won with the prison number of former president Uribe

A Colombian won the lottery jackpot of almost $ 1 million with the first four numbers with which the former president of Colombia Alvaro Uribe Vélez was reported as a prisoner, who was given house arrest for alleged procedural fraud and bribery.

The Valley Lottery assured that its jackpot, for $ 3.5 billion ($ 930,000), was won by someone who bet on “1087”, the first four numbers of the senator’s review: 1087985, reported the Colombian newspaper The viewer.

“Coincidence or not, this Wednesday, the day that former president and senator Álvaro Uribe Vélez reported that he was reported as” prisoner # 1087985 “- due to the process against him. Supreme Court of Justice – the jackpot of the Valley Lottery fell with the number 1087, precisely with those who start their registration as detained at home by jail, “the Colombian media detailed.

The Supreme Court of Justice of Colombia issued the preventive house arrest of Uribe for the alleged crimes of procedural fraud and bribery in a case of alleged attempt to manipulate the statement of a defendant that linked him to paramilitary groups.

The 1087 of the 033 series was played by a citizen in Bucaramanga, reported the Herald.

“Chance? This Wednesday, the day that former president and senator Álvaro Uribe Vélez announced the number with which he was reported as a prisoner “# 1087985”, coincidentally, gamblers in the country’s games of chance were surprised by the first four numbers that fell in the Lotería del Valle ”, he indicated.

The former Colombian president said on his Twitter account that “today I was reported as prisoner # 1087985 for confronting testimonies against me bought by the FARC, its new generation and its allies. No testing, just http: // inferences. I was illegally intercepted. They prevented lawyers from cross-examining his main witness. I ask for transparency ”(sic).

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