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The Marlins open their season at home. Time for Miami to appreciate the crazy club trail

In the majors there are good tours, bad tours, and this Marlins tour. How can you characterize what has never been experienced? How to categorize something that started well, had a terrible intermission, and ended positively again? The best word one can find to describe this journey is survivors.

The fish survived an eight-day quarantine, the loss of 18 players due to an uncontrolled contagion of coronavirus, the acid criticism of the national press for being the culprits of almost putting an end to the season, 23 days into the way, even playing at home at each other’s house.

Somehow they survived and, not only that, from all that fire and ice they came out as the momentary owners of the East Division in the National League, a leadership that they will try to maintain this Friday when they receive at home – and how strange it sounds’ at home ‘- the Atlanta Braves.

“I would not know how to describe all this, because everything has been something out of the ordinary,” said manager Don Mattingly. “The other day in the hotel there was a fire alarm that was on for hours … what can I tell you. I’m just saying, it’s great to come home. ”

The Marlins began winning the series in Philadelphia, then came the COVID-19 debacle, he runs to find replacements – especially in the bullpen – during the eight days of quarantine and calls from rookies who debuted, including the winter Olympic medalist. Eddy Alvarez.

But in the midst of all the abnormal, Miami never lost its composure or the spirit of belonging to the Major Leagues, because the newcomers joined in the best possible way with the 13 who emerged unscathed from the pandemic in Philadelphia. The Marlins won more than they lost.

“It has to do with the group,” said Magneuris Sierra, who was vital in Wednesday’s win with two RBIs in the 10th inning. “I have been to San Luis and I have played in other categories of baseball, but I have never seen a group as close as this. In spite of the circumstances, here we all help each other, we all wish each other well. I think that has been the key. ”

That last game in Buffalo was like a summary of how unreal these days have been and the team’s endurance capacity: they let slip an eight-run lead, but they became the first club in the National and the fourth in history. of the majors to win a game, despite allowing seven home runs.

And now back home for an Opening Day that should have occurred in late March, then late July and will finally see the light of day in mid-August. There will be no public, but there will be a desire to play. It would be nice if South Florida would pay attention to these Marlins in a crazy short season.

It seems incredible that the fish are already in Miami. It was time.

Jorge Ebro is a prominent journalist with more than 30 years of experience reporting on Sports. Baseball lover and lost love of boxing.