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Visa lottery winners advance in court against Trump ban

The winners of the program Diversity Visas, known as visa lottery, achieved a victory in a court in Washington, DC, where they filed a lawsuit against the President Donald Trump’s immigration ban.

Although it seems minimal, it is a substantial step in the process, since the judge Amit P. Mehta He ordered the federal government on Wednesday to hand over documents on the coronavirus travel ban to visa winners, who accuse the restrictions ruined their protections.

The State Department has until Monday to report the documents that detail any policy, directive or order that the State Department has to its consulates abroad on how to implement the travel ban, he reported. Law360.

The defense of the administration of President Trump argued first that the complainants had not been able to present evidence about the ban that affected them, but Judge Mehta considered that explanation was untenable.

“The government cannot … argue that there is no final agency action simply by saying that we will not produce any evidence to suggest that there is final agency action.”said the magistrate.

The applicants, the portal indicates, are part of the 50,000 annual visa winners, but if they do not obtain permission to enter the United States before September 30, the opportunity disappears completely.

The defense of the Trump Administration recognized that the president’s order, applied in April and extended in June, led the State Department to send official cables to its embassies and consulates with guidance on how to implement it.

“I am going to order the Government to produce something that resembles an administrative record.”said Judge Mehta. That report should include the cables and directives.