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Cuban boxer deserved more luck than a draw in Kissimmee, but this may serve him well in the future


JORGE ROMERO (r) at one point in his fight with Daniel Lozano on Friday, August 14.

Stain. That was the best word Jorge Romero found to describe his majority draw against Daniel Lozano on Boxeo Telemundo. Frustrated and hurt, the Cuban boxer understands that he should have won the fight and continued on his way to his 20th victory.

Now, after two judges delivered 76-76 ballots and a third 77-75, Romero will contemplate his record in a different way, still without the shadow of a failure, but cleared of that white and clean hue of those who have not had a stumble.

This Friday, without a doubt, is his first.

“Really, I think I did what it took to win,” Romero said (17-0-1, 12 KO). “I think I did more, I looked more and I was more accurate in my shots. These are things that hurt, because I deserved better luck, but that’s boxing. You have to go ahead and turn the page. ”

Although one cannot speak of blatant robbery, there is no doubt that Romero should have won the majority of the rounds and this El Nuevo Herald reporter in an unofficial way awarded six rounds to the Antillean and two to the warrior from Bowling Green, Florida.

It can be argued that Romero did not start the fight at all hot and that he could have tightened his pace and rhythm on occasions, but in the fourth round he connected good combinations and with just enough he was taking advantage in the rest of the fight, something that is not known. reflected on those who gave the verdict.

On top of the Kissimmee ring, the best work of the Habanero was seen, but also the claw of a man with more experience, used to seeing rivals of all stripes and strata, of form and talent. Perhaps the nine losses on his service record indicated a huge gap, but Lozano’s fang and stamina showed.

Romero knows it better than anyone, because in addition to being a boxer he is an excellent commentator for DAZN, in this sport you cannot leave everything in the hands of the judges. They can break your heart and your record in the blink of an eye. At least there was no adverse outcome to regret.

But what happened remains as a warning Romero has lived months complicated by the incidence of the coronavirus in his training sessions, due to the change of corners. All that leaves a mark. Nothing has happened and everything has happened. His losses box remains at zero, although this stumble will put him on alert.

Despite everything, Romero should have won tonight. That which “the flame stain today in the future can be a kind of medal. The pain of this tie should serve as a spearhead to reach a higher level against the Lozanos (15-9-1, 11 KO) of this world and the others to come.

That is the only way.

Jorge Ebro is an outstanding journalist with more than 30 years of experience reporting on Sports. Baseball lover and lost love of boxing.