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How to treat obesity without surgery with the Aspire Assist

The obesity It is one of the most common diseases in the world, and it can seriously endanger our health and well-being. In many cases, invasive surgery is performed to treat obesity problems, which requires more time and care for the patient to fully recover. However, there is a new method called Aspire Assist It helps to lose weight and could replace gastric bypass. Here we tell you more about him.

Aspire Assist, what is it

He Aspire Assist It is a device created by the Daser Medical company, as reported by the newspaper Information. In other places it is known as Aspire Method, or External Bypass.

The truth is that this device contributes to treat weight problems without the need for surgical interventions. This is because the device is placed through endoscopy. The endoscopy tube connects to an access port located in the abdomen.

With this device, the wearer can control the emptying of 30% of the food they have consumed. Thus, it is possible to eliminate part of the calories that have been ingested before being absorbed by the body.

The difference is that, with the use of Aspire Assist, the emptying is done without the need for surgical intervention, which makes it less aggressive and does not cause other problems of Health.

Follow-up to treatment

After placing the device, it should be monitor patients to assess their effectiveness. Monitoring is also important to supervise what patients consume, since they must keep track of what they eat.

Changing habits and lifestyle is essentialThat is why the intervention of specialists in the area of ​​psychology is necessary, but also experts in the area of ​​nutrition and the digestive system. Which makes it a multidisciplinary program or treatment.

Treatment with Aspire Assist it can last up to 5 years, but it can be less if the desired results are achieved before the stipulated time. That is why it is important to have good eating habits and an exercise routine, following the instructions of the specialists to lose weight in the proper way and without trauma.