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Katy Perry’s collapse on stage that scared her fans

Katy Perry She is one of the most famous pop artists internationally and that is why she boasts millions of fans around the world. Many of them were very scared by a video of a presentation he gave in 2015, where the singer was fading on stage.

The clip belongs to the concert that Perry gave in Nashville, Tennesse, she was performing her hit “I kissed a girl” when unexpectedly almost at the end of the song you see how it collapses. Perry falls to the ground while the sounds of the blow can be heard in the microphone, later the security team enters through her and takes her away.

The video scared some of its fans at the time because they claimed that it did not seem like it was part of the choreography, on the other hand many pointed out that it was obviously part of the show because you can see how the dancers come to conclude the show.

The truth is that although it could have been a change of wardrobe (very creative) there was no lack of conspiracy theories who attributed this fall to something deeper. In the end, she did not give statements about it, which clarifies that this was part of the show.

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