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South Koreans come out to protest despite virus

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Seoul to protest against the government on Saturday, despite requests from authorities to stay home due to a spike in the coronavirus.

Municipal authorities tried to ban the marches organized by Christian and conservative groups in the framework of the holiday for the 75th anniversary of national liberation after the Japanese occupation in World War II.

But a court allowed some of the marches citing civil liberties, after activists filed a lawsuit against the ban attempted by the city council.

The protesters, many of whom wore face masks and waved the South Korean flag, marched in heavy rain near the presidential palace in Seoul, demanding the resignation of President Moon Jae-in whom they accuse of corruption and being weak in the face of the threat. from neighboring North Korea.

Some conservatives insist that the April parliamentary elections, in which Moon’s party won, were fraudulent, although most observers believe they were fair.

Some of the rebels collided with police who watched them closely, but no more violent events or injuries were reported.

Some of the protesters reportedly came from a church in northern Seoul that was closed down after being linked to a large number of infections. Authorities want to isolate and diagnose some 4,000 members of that temple, led by ultra-conservative preacher Jun Kwang-hun, a critic of Moon who has organized marches against the government.

The protest takes place at a time when the South Korean government announced new social distancing measures in the capital area in order to counter a spike in the virus.