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The famous one that Chiquis Rivera would not reject

Chiquis Rivera has never been ashamed to reveal her deepest thoughts, either about her personal life or about her opinion on other topics, the daughter of Jenni Rivera she has always been an artist without filters. This was demonstrated when she revealed that I would not reject Galilea Montijo in an intimate encounter.

It happened in 2018 when the singer was interviewed on the show Good morning family, there Chiquis answered a series of uncomfortable questions where one of them was “If one day you were of the opposite sex, with what celebrity would you be willing to have an intimate encounter?“. The daughter of the Diva of the band did not hesitate to say that Galilea is very pretty and I would not reject it.

And it is that beyond the fact that Chiquis recognized the undoubted beauty of Montijo, between the two there has always been a Beautiful friendship, so Chiquis must feel the confidence to speak of a friend like that. Even on more than one occasion Gali has shared photos on her Instagram account next to her.

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