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At her young age, Alaïa sends a message to her friends through Instagram

Adamari López’s daughter sent a profound message to all the children through social networks

The daughter of one of the drivers of A new day, Adamari Lopez, Alaïa Costa, is already proving to be an influencer, because not only is she posing as a professional model but she also sent a message to all the children in the world who, like her, have big dreams.

“Happy day friends! Never say no, I can’t do it, yes we can, we can all do it by @alaia hehe “, was the message from the little girl. It was accompanied by a photo of the also daughter of the Spanish dancer Toni Costa wearing a colorful hat and posing looking at the sky.

There’s no doubt Alaïa She has an artistic streak and is also a very educated little girl with a heart as big as her parents’.