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El Niño Dios Covid emerges in Mexico and the image goes viral on social networks

The image was taken in a hospital in the state of Jalisco, in the west of the country

The image went viral on social networks.

Photo: @Dra Pataki / Courtesy

MEXICO – In these times of pandemic, faith has been strengthened among Mexicans and proof of this is the emergence of the Child God Covid, whose image has been viralized on social media.

And it is that Mexicans have been characterized by dressing the image of God child of various characters, in addition to traditional costumes such as the lord of the pigeons, Saint Jude Thaddeus, Child of Miracles, among others. They have even dressed him as a footballer:

But now with the coronavirus pandemic, now the image of the Child God Covid.

The image was taken and shared by the Dr. Ivette Pataki, on his Twitter account.

The photograph shows the Child God dressed in a white protective suit, mask and masks, in addition to boots, equipment that doctors use to care for patients with coronavirus.

“Yesterday I found this in the ‘covidario’ and it will be what they want, but Mexicans are very creative,” highlights the message of Dr. Pataki, who works at the Hospital de Occidente in Zapopan, Jalisco, western Mexico.

The image went viral on social media and prompted several comments.

“Oh well, if the detail is nice to me”commented a netizen.

“We Mexicans don’t conquer the world because we don’t want to”, assured another user on social networks.

“Those little God children are always dressed in very creative ways,” another comment highlights.

“God will always take care of them doctors and people in medical services you can find faith anywhere and faith is hope, this child of God dressed like this is a manifestation of faith,” said another Internet user.

“Those little God children are always dressed in very creative ways,” remarked one user.

Some recalled when a person took God God in his hands and “She made him dance” “El pasito perrón”.

“They are seeing that they still do not forgive us for the small step perron and they go out with their things… .. “

“2020 is being charged for the little dog step and they are already making another debt with this Hahahaha xD”, commented an Internet user on Twitter.

Now known as the Child God Covid He is in the social work area of ​​the Hospital de Occidente, in Zapopan.

The nurse Eduviges Muñoz She was in charge of designing the costume of the child God Covid, which was made with recycled garments, as she explained to Imagen Televisión.

He said that the Child God was adopted by the social work area, where all the medical personnel who are on the battlefield in the covid zones pass.