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Jaguar Land Rover develops software to end dizziness on board cars

The new system of lJaguar Land Rover promises to reduce dizziness by up to 60% while taking a trip aboard the cars

Probably at some point in your life you have suffered from some dizziness While traveling in a car, travel that becomes quite uncomfortable thanks to this situation. Well, this problem could come to an end thanks to Jaguar Land Rover, who has started an investigation to implement a new system to end dizziness on board cars.

Through new software, Jaguar Land Rover promises to reduce motion sickness by adapting the driving style of future autonomous vehicles.

According to information from MotorpassionDuring the first phase of the project, a customized ‘wellness score’ was developed that could reduce the impact of motion sickness by up to 60%. The intelligent software combines 32,000 km of real and virtually simulated test to calculate a set of parameters that evaluate driving dynamics.

Advanced machine learning ensures, based on Jaguar Land Rover, that the car, whatever the segment, can optimize its driving style based on the data collected from each kilometer traveled by the autonomous fleet.

In practice, engineers can develop advanced driver assistance More refined (ADAS) in future models, such as adaptive cruise control and lane keep systems. Cooled seats, ambient lighting and the ability to configure the seat to your liking also help.

“With the new system, acceleration, braking and lane positioning, all factors that contribute to motion sickness, can be optimized to avoid causing nausea in passengers,” shared the car brand.

As we already know, one of the main ‘drawbacks’ of autonomous cars is that they do not drive like people do, which has opened up an exhaustive field of research so that interaction with users and other vehicles is as natural as possible.


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