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The RAM 1500 TRX already has a presentation date and will come to bring down the Ford F-150

The RAM 1500 TRX will be presented this Monday, August 17, and will show off its enormous power to destroy any opponent

Waiting for the arrival of the RAM 1500 TRX comes to an end, and it is that the firm has shared in a video that will be this Monday August 17 when his latest creation, the most brutal, the most powerful that will equip a V8 engine of the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcal or Demon.

RAM has decided to launch its most extreme pick-up to face the new Ford F-150 Raptor, a vehicle that has been claiming to be the sports pick-up par excellence in the United States for many years.

The RAM 1500 TRX It will undoubtedly make the Ford F-150 shake, as it is an amphetaminated variant of the RAM 1500, and by receiving the TRX surname we know that it will bear more than an obvious resemblance to the Rebel TRX that they presented in 2016.

The engine that the RAM 1500 TRX will use is a supercharged block by means of a compressor that reaches an exorbitant figure of 717 hp, but when adapting to the 1500 it may lose part of its stretch to gain delivery in low and medium.

According to information from Motorpassion, outwardly it will be quite easy to differentiate TRX of the normal RAM 1500 models, since its body is noticeably more aggressive than the RAM 1500. The suspensions used will be longer travel, with new geometries and widened track width, and therefore the wheel arches will be larger and it will also use specific rims with off-road tires.

Added to the design is a new hood with air intakes and outlets to let the powerful V8 engine breathe, as well as including underbody protection elements, more muscular bumpers and possibly a sporty cut roll bar with supplemental lighting.

Without a doubt the RAM 1500 TRX It will be a strong contender for the Ford F-150, at least in the United States, as it is almost impossible to see this type of beast outside the North American territory.

If you want to witness the arrival of this monster, follow the live presentation of the RAM 1500 TRX through And through


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