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Arturo Carmona joins the ‘Hoy’ program as host

Aware that it is the new element, that it has to respect hierarchies and that it must earn the “right of floor”, Arturo Carmona joins the ‘Hoy’ program.

The actor returns to the morning broadcast of Televisa for the third time, because in 2006 he was when Carmen Armendariz was the producer, and in 2009 under the baton of Roberto Romagnoli.

Now it is the producer Magda Rodriguez who summoned Carmona to join the team.

The arrival of Monterrey occurs after the departure of Jorge “The Burro” Van Rankin, who left the program to record the new season of the series in which he stars, ’40 and 20 ′.

We all know that the ‘Burro’ is leaving the frame and that vacancy needs to be filledThe actor said.

Fortunately I get along very well with Andrea Legarreta, Galilea Montijo and ‘Negro’ Araiza, whom I call brother and he also me, because we were together in Big Brother“.

He said that, due to the pandemic, the production put together two teams that alternate every week, one of which is integrated Legarreta and Araiza, and the other Montijo, Paul stanley, Lambda Garcia and Andrea Escalona placeholder image.

The harmony that one has with the companions is important. Obviously you can’t get to send and say: ‘Here my greaves thunder’. You have to respect hierarchies and respect the position of the program”, He assured.

And as in all the chambas you have to pay ‘flat rights’, it is normal. I do not see it in a negative way, that forces me to be more formal and professional in what I am going to do so that there is always harmony“.

Carmona He will remain on ‘Hoy’ as long as he does not have a telenovela at the door, he assured. His most recent participation in a melodrama was in ‘Te Doy La Vida’, starring Eva Cedeño and Jose Ron.