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El Noticierito: Russian vaccine; Venezuelan political activist dies; King Juan Carlos I, and more

Welcome to another edition of El Noticierito, our mini-summary of video news. These are the main headlines.

Russia produces first doses of COVID-19 vaccine

The first batch of the Spútnik V vaccine, created by Russia to prevent COVID-19, exceeded 15,000 doses. Russia announced that the mass vaccination campaign against the coronavirus will begin in a month.

US opens party convention season

The Democratic Party opens an unprecedented virtual convention on Monday in which its different factions have closed ranks behind Joe Biden, with the common goal of defeating President Donald Trump at the polls.

Venezuelan political activist Pedro Mena dies

Venezuelan activist, lawyer and journalist Pedro Mena died Sunday in a South Florida hospital after suffering complications related to COVID-19. He was 73 years old.

Governor of Puerto Rico acknowledges her defeat in primaries

Puerto Rican governor Wanda Vázquez acknowledged Sunday that she lost her party’s primary to Pedro Pierluisi, who briefly served as the island’s governor at a time of political instability.

King Juan Carlos I is in the United Arab Emirates

The Spanish King Emeritus Juan Carlos I arrived in the United Arab Emirates on August 3 and has remained there ever since, after going into exile persecuted by a corruption scandal two weeks ago. the Royal House announced on Monday.

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Amanda Pérez Pintado is an intern for the real-time team. She is pursuing a master’s degree in multimedia journalism at New York University.