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Frida Sofía shares a photo in which she is shown naked and only covered with petals

Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter remembered her hot session for Playboy magazine

Frida sofia never ceases to generate controversy with his statements regarding his personal life, but on the account of Instagram in which she gives beauty tips, she adopts a different profile, promoting various products and sharing exercise routines.

The daughter of Alejandra Guzman She was surprised to share a photo in which she appears naked and only covered with rose petals; belongs to the burning session that she did many years ago, when she posed in Mexico for the magazine Playboy. Frida accompanied the image with the text “Don’t forget that true beauty is an attitude… and that you are incredibly precious when you are authentic”.

In a photo of his personal account at Instagram, Frida sofia appears wearing a shiny bodysuit and lounging on a sofa; in direct relation to the demand made by her ex-boyfriend Christian estrada, she wrote the message “Here casual waiting for my” demand “”.

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