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“I would be the first to apply it,” says AMLO about Russian vaccine against coronavirus

The Mexican president indicated that if it is effective, he would not hesitate to get vaccinated immediately

MEXICO – The President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that his Government evaluates the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccine who developed Russia And, if its effectiveness is proven, he would be the first to apply it.

If the Russian vaccine “we see that it works and is effective, we establish communication (with the Russian Government). And if there is availability, go ahead, “said López Obrador during his morning press conference, from the National Palace.

“In the case of Russia about the vaccine that they are making known and that they are going to apply soon, I tell them something that applies to other things, but fundamentally that has to do with the health of the people, with Mexico, in this Such an important issue should not have ideologies, there are certainly ideas, but health comes first, “said the president.

He stated that his government will establish communication with Russia me China in case one of the two countries has an effective vaccine against the coronavirus and that it would even be the first to be vaccinated because it is an issue that matters a lot.

And is that China announced Monday that it filed its first patent for the COVID-19 vaccine, which promises to be “fast and effective”

“If in Russia, in China, the vaccine is first obtained and it is shown to be effective in saving lives, we immediately establish communication. I would speak personally with the president of China, with President Putin (Russia) so that they have the vaccine, and the same in the case of the United States, we have a very good relationship with President Trump, the first thing we have ”, he pointed.

In Putin’s case, would he talk to him? He was questioned.

“Yes, if we see that it gives results, that it is effective, we establish communication and if there is availability, go ahead, and so that there is no doubt of the importance it has for us, I would be the first to let myself be vaccinated, because it matters a lot to me, but We have to know well what is happening, guarantee that it is something effective and that it is available to all people, “said López Obrador.

Mexico in other vaccination protocols

López Obrador recalled that Mexico participates in research protocols for four vaccines against COVID-19, in addition to the vaccine for AstraZeneca and Oxford, in which it will collaborate with Argentina for its production in Latin America.

“We are enrolled in other research protocols: two vaccines that are being studied in China, one in France, another in the United States,” he said.

He recalled that Mexico has a special fund so that when there is vaccination, there is a program to be applied in a universal and free. “We have the resources for that,” said the president.

“We do not have problems of cash resources (…) if you need 25,000 million pesos (1,136 million dollars), you have them,” he added.

In the same way, he thanked the Slim Foundation for contributing risk capital for the vaccine project, which he said could have its first results in early November.

He stressed that these results will be submitted to the consideration of the (Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risk (Cofepris) and we are working so that there are no delays “that no time is wasted, that we have both things at the same time, that we let’s make sure that the vaccine is effective and that it is available quickly. “

Until now, the COVID-19 pandemic sum in Mexico 522,162 infections and 56,757 deaths.