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María Celeste Arrarás shares the detail of the technicians of ‘Al Rojo Vivo’ that made her cry

“To tell them that a week later I am like a rattle would be to lie to them, there are times when one feels sad”

María Celeste Arrarás.

Photo: María Celeste Arrarás / Courtesy

Almost two weeks from having been fired of Telemundo, Maria Celeste Arrarás shares the emotional moment he lived when his cameraman and his technician arrived at his house to disarm and take the set of ‘Red Hot’.

“Here I am, a week after I was fired from Telemundo, a week in which I have experienced many emotions, especially the most important, that of gratitude for all of you who have sent me such beautiful messages “, began by saying María Celeste, in a video that she shared through her Facebook account.

“If you see my room again it is because the study of ‘Al Rojo Vivo’ disappeared, they took it away today, it was a very emotional moment, a very symbolic moment because it is a closing of the circle. My colleagues came who I adore and adore me, and they made it very clear that they love me ”, Arrarás continued.

What do you mean that they made it very clear that they love her? Well, because when he opened the door of his house, he found two of his former colleagues, a cameraman and a technician, kneeling, with a bouquet of roses each, as a gesture of reverence and affection.

Her former colleagues also brought refreshments for Adrián, MC’s son who helped them as technical support in the months of the pandemic that the journalist transmitted from her home until the day she was fired.

“My studio is no longer here, my living room has become my living room again. I miss my studio, I miss my colleagues and tell them that a week later I am like a rattle, it would be lying to them. There are times when you feel sad, there are times when you see a news item on TV and I grab the phone as if I were going to call my team “, María Celeste confessed in this video where she showed for the last time the study that they set up at home and the gesture of her former colleagues.

Let us remember that María Celeste was fired through a video call after being in the network for 19 years. The reasons, according to those who made the decision, was the economic crisis that generated the pandemic.

That same day too was fired from Telemundo Rashel Diaz, who was in charge of the morning of the chain for 12 years.



Mixed feelings and tears of emotion… a week after I was fired from Telemundo. Here you will hear it from me! (And you will see that gesture from my former co-workers that made me cry.)

Posted by Maria Celeste on Saturday, August 15, 2020