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Mazda launches a new online car sales modality in Mexico

Mazda seeks to digitize its car sales processes through an online financing service

Selling cars The internet is gaining momentum around the world, and this may be explained by the fact that automotive firms have had to resort to these alternatives after the effects of the coronavirus.

This time, Mazda decided to join this trend and announced its alliance with the bank Santander to offer a financing service in Mexico that will seek that half of its sales occur online.

Miguel Barbeyto, director of Mazda Mexico, shared during a press conference that this alliance with the Spanish bank will allow the use of tools to facilitate sales by digital means.

Mazda 3 Turbo HB. / Photo: Courtesy Mazda.

“Through new digital tools to improve and optimize processes. This new way of working will help us to position ourselves as pioneers in online processes and with them we will reach our goal of 50% of our sales being digital ”, he commented.

According to information from Forbescurrently 64% of the new units placed Mazda in the market it occurs through financing, while its expectation for the end of the year is to maintain its market share of 4.6%, with a view to growing it to 6% in the coming years.

“I cannot give you product information in the future but we are convinced that we will reach a 6% share,” shared Barbeyto.

The rates that the automaker will offer for financing new vehicles will start from 6.75% to 11.50%, while for pre-owned cars they will be set at 13.5%.


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