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The images of Julio Iglesias that worried his followers about his difficulty in walking

Julio Iglesias.

Photo: Samir Hussein / Getty Images

Julio Iglesias, who is about to turn 77 years old, has always been a person who has always cared about his image, which has given much to talk about these days when he was captured at his home in the Dominican Republic, walking supported by two women.

In the graph released by the newspaper El País, the singer is seen with limited mobility, for which he is helped on his way to the sea.

According to the newspaper, which quotes the Telecinco program, the artist is not going through a good streak of health.

“One of the first signs that something was not right was that this summer he did not arrive in Marbella with his family.

“Since July they have been installed in the town of Ojén, on the farm that the artist bought from the bullfighter Curro Romero, his wife Miranda and several of their children”, said the newspaper.

Julio Iglesias was scheduled to continue his world tour that began in 2018, on the occasion of his 50 years of musical career.

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