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The Rivian R1T could hit the market before the Tesla Cybertruck and this video proves it

Rivian wants to be the first car firm to launch the first electric pick-up on the market and gain ground against Tesla and Nikola

Recently Rivian announced the launch of its electric pick-up, the Rivian R1T, and immediately began to make comparisons with the Tesla Cybertruck, another zero emission pick-up that was announced first than the Rivian R1T, however, it seems that Rivian seeks to anticipate the arrival of the Cybertruck and seeks that the R1T is the first to reach the market.

And it is that Rivian has already shared a video in which he shows the progress and part of the manufacturing process of the truck, even the process of assembling the chassis and the battery or the propulsion system is shown.

RJ Scaringe, founder and CEO of Rivian, explained that they still need to build the bodywork manufacturing line, which is expected to happen this autumn, so that for the moment the production process that is being undertaken is indicative and will serve to advance and correct details once mass production starts.

“What we are doing is checking that all the parts that come from the suppliers meet our quality specifications,” argued the executive.

According to information from Motorpassion, initially the automaker hoped to launch the R1T later this year, however, the coronavirus crisis forced to change the company’s plans and postpone the start of deliveries until the beginning of June 2021.

If there is no other change in plans, the Rivian R1T It will hit the market before rivals like the Tesla Cybertruck, Nikola Badger, or the electric Ford F-150.


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