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The time Vanessa Hudgens received her eco-friendly car, there was no room for happiness

Vanessa Hudgens, former child star.

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

In July 2019, the actress Vanessa Hudgens bought a new car. It is most common to see celebrities buying luxurious and expensive vehicles, which are generally added to an existing car collection.

But when Hudgens received his special delivery, there were photos that showed his enthusiasm for his possession. This act simply shows that even celebrities still get excited about new cars.

And it wasn’t just any car. Was a Tesla.

Tesla’s Model S, Model X, and other variations are common in Hollywood garages. The company designs electric vehicles that are ideal for those who are environmentally conscious.

Some of the other celebrities in Hollywood who drive Tesla models include Demi Moore, Steven Spielberg, Zooey Deschanel, and George Clooney.

Vanessa Hudgens was beyond excited when she received her new Tesla. The High School Musical actress is reported to have continued to smile as she spoke to the representative of the company that brought the car to her home in Los Angeles in the summer of 2019.

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