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Tito El Bambino faces the law and will have to undergo a DNA test

Which owes nothing fears nothing…

Tito El Bambino”.


In his native country, Puerto Rico, the famous reggaeton Tito El Bambino” was stopped by the authorities while driving without any protection an all-terrain motorcycle in the middle of the city, which constitutes a crime in that country.

Within the traffic law, it is explained that this mishap the singer could pay a fine of up to $ 5,000. However, and as if that were not enough, inside a modified tank on the same bike, authorities found a firearm.

It is for this reason that the Puerto Rican will have to face some DNA tests to determine if he ever touched or used the object.

However, the famous has been calm on social networks, showing photographs of his days in court and “Leaving everything in the hands of God.”

With phrases like “In peace” and “God in control”, the interpreter showed that he who owes nothing fears nothing, and also He shared a video with his fans the tranquility of knowing that everything will be fine.