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What is the IRS deadline to apply for $ 1,200 assistance under the CARES Act

There are thousands of people who can still get help.

Photo: Karolina Grabowska / Pexels

The Tax Collection Office (IRS) clarified some deadlines on applying for $ 1,200, plus $ 500 per child, under the CARES Act.

The Treasury Department agency indicated that if you did not file a tax return and never used the tool to tell the IRS where to send the check, then you have until October 15th to enter your information.

This warning was issued primarily for those who have personal income of less than $ 12,000 annually or $ 40,000 annually as a partner.

If these people – and those who never used the tool to request the funds – do not apply for the help before that date, they will receive the check in 2021 when they file their tax reports and claim a refundable tax credit.

The IRS indicated that it continues to work to get the amounts correct for all qualified Americans, but some individuals will need to reach out for guidance, either through the system Get my payment or by calling 800-919-9835.

Currently – and until September 30th– that office also processes the additional $ 500 retail dollars that some people started receiving last week, but others did not receive it and will need to request it.