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When is it not advisable to remove the tonsils?

The procedure to remove the tonsils must be performed in specific circumstances

Human evolution has led to tonsils to be quite expendable elements for the Health. However, surgery to remove the tonsils is not always recommended, as we will see below.

When to remove the tonsils

According to an article in the BBC, there are three specific criteria to determine when a tonsil removal is necessary and when it is not. These three criteria are:

  1. Having had more than seven documented episodes of sore or swollen throat in the year. This is known as recurrent tonsillitis.
  2. More than 5 consecutive episodes of throat pain or swelling for two consecutive years.
  3. Three consecutive episodes of sore or sore throat for 3 consecutive years

On the other hand, tonsillectomy is also recommended when there is a very noticeable hypertrophy in the tonsils what generates interruptions in breathing and difficulty swallowing. The operation is also suggested when there are diseases involved.

Complications of unnecessary tonsillectomy

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Previously, the tonsillectomy It was an operation that occurred with the less evidence of inflammation in the tonsils. However, specialists have suggested that parents perform the operation only in specific cases.

This is because unnecessary tonsillectomy can adversely affect the development of the child’s immune systemas well as your antibodies. This has made tonsillectomy a much less common procedure than it was previously.

When done properly, surgery usually does not cause side effects. However, the risk of side effects does become more present when the procedure is performed in children who do not need it.

Indeed, the surgery for remove the tonsils It is a procedure that should only be performed in specific circumstances in order to protect the child from health risks and to avoid making an unnecessary investment.