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Chiquis Rivera puts on tennis shoes and reflects

Chiquis Rivera has become an influencer on social networks. The interpreter of “Animate y Verás” has been seen in the latest fashion and recently showed some very striking tennis shoes.

In a new publication, Chiquis modeled some shoes of the brand Nike in collaboration with the legendary Michael Jordan. The singer showed off her strikingly colored tennis shoes that could be seen from afar.

“Some people want it to happen, some people want it to happen, others do it,” Chiquis posted Jordan’s phrase.

Chiquis is showing that she is a girl who does things, not only dreams or says she will do them. And this is how Chiquis has done in recent years, releasing a new album, getting married, launching a perfume, losing weight on the Keto diet, as well as launching a Keto recipe book.