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Cuomo compares Trump’s presidency to coronavirus: “COVID is the symptom, not the disease”

The daughter of a fatality victim of the virus also lashed out at the president: “My father’s only previous illness was trusting Trump

“First he denied it, then he ignored it and then he politicized it,” Cuomo said of Trump’s attitude to the virus.

Photo: DNCC / Getty Images

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, took advantage of his intervention this Monday on the first day of the party’s national convention to lash out at President Donald Trump’s management in the face of coronavirus.

First he denied it, then he ignored it and then he politicized it“Said the democrat trying to collect in a few words the attitude of the president to the virus. Trump staged a slightly more serious position less than a month ago, when he resumed the COVID briefings and urged to wear a mask. Polls indicate that voters They don’t trust the Republican’s response to the health crisis.

Cuomo began his speech by highlighting that his state has experienced a large drop compared to the daily number of infections, despite becoming the main source of contagion in the country at the beginning of the pandemic. New York, however, remains the state with the most deaths from COVID-19.

Covid is the symptom, not the disease“Said the New York governor in his speech.” “Our nation is in crisis in many ways. COVID is just a metaphor. A virus attacks when the body is weak and cannot defend itself. During these last years, America’s body politic has weakened [y] divisions have increased“He added.

These problems, Cuomo clarified, did not begin with the political rise of Donald trumpBut they’ve gotten worse since he’s in the White House.

The governor of New York continued with the health metaphor to once again show his support Joe Biden. “Only a strong body can fight the virus,” he said. And America’s divisions weaken [al país]”, He concluded.

For him -who was one of the first to support Biden-, a hypothetical victory for the former vice president would be a first step to heal the wounds of the country since he considers the virtual Democratic candidate “tough in a good way“. “We need a leader as good as our people,” said the New York governor.

Cuomo achieved an important national projection when, at the beginning of the pandemic, the state he leads also became the world epicenter of the unknown virus. The New Yorker positioned himself on the opposite side of the president in his daily press conferences on the advance of the virus and on the measures the state was taking.

In those first weeks of the pandemic, the governor’s name sounded like Joe Biden’s possible number two, but the former vice president had already pledged to choose a woman as a running mate.

Heavy attack on Trump

Governor Cuomo was not the only one who singled out Trump for downplaying the dangers of the virus from the start and warnings from health experts. A woman who lost her father to COVID was much tougher with the president: “The only previous disease [de su progenitor] it was trusting Donald Trump ”.

Kristin Urquiza, who reached national repercussions last month by criticizing the “lack of leadershipShe shared the story of her father, a Trump supporter who attended karaoke in Arizona in May after the governor lifted the mandatory confinement order.

He had faith in Donald Trump. Voted for him, listened to him, believed in him and his spokespersons when they said that the coronavirus was under control and that it was going to go away, that it was okay to end social distancing rules before it was safe and that if they had no prior greeting problems, they probably you were going to be fine“, He recounted.

Urquiza said “we need a leader with a national response, coordinated and guided by data” and announced that will vote for Joe Biden and that he will vote with his father in mind.