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Fear of a second wave of coronavirus grows in Europe

Coronavirus infections are worryingly increasing in European countries such as Spain and the Western Pacific entered a “new phase” of the pandemic that affects the youngest, while in Latin America records of cases and deaths continue to be broken.

In total, the pandemic has caused about 775,000 deaths and almost 22 million infections, according to a balance made by AFP this Tuesday from official figures.

In the Asia-Pacific region, covid-19 has entered a “new phase”, in which it spreads among those under 50 who are often asymptomatic, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned on Tuesday.

And those infected without symptoms or with mild symptoms run the risk of infecting the elderly or those with health problems, according to Takeshi Kasai, WHO director for the Western Pacific, in a telematic press conference.

“The epidemic is changing. People in their 20s, 30s or 40s are increasingly a threat ”. We are not just seeing an outbreak, I see signs that we have entered a new phase of the pandemic in Asia-Pacific, “added Kasai.

For example, two thirds of those infected in recent days in Japan are under 40 years old. The same occurs with half of those infected in the Philippines and Australia, according to WHO data.

Precisely in Australia, the government announced that it reached an agreement with the pharmaceutical group AstraZeneca on the vaccine that they are developing with the British University of Oxford and if it is effective, it will be manufactured and distributed free of charge to all citizens.

In Europe, where there are already more than 210,000 deaths from coronavirus and 3.5 million cases, one of the countries where outbreaks are most worrying is Spain, which registered more than 16,000 infections between Friday and Monday.

In the last two weeks, the country has registered 115 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, well above the 45 in France, 19 in the United Kingdom and 16 in Germany.

In addition to the restrictions enacted by the government, such as the closure of nightclubs or the prohibition of smoking in the streets, some regions, such as the Basque Country or the Balearic Islands, issued other measures aimed at preventing the disease from continuing to spread at a dizzying rate.

In Italy, where there are already more than 35,000 deaths from coronavirus, the government took similar measures and decreed the closure of discos and nightlife venues with the intention of ensuring the return to classrooms in mid-September.

– Overcrowded hospitals in Peru –

In Latin America, the pandemic does not subside. In the last seven days, almost half of the global deaths from coronavirus have occurred in Latin America and the Caribbean, where more than 243,000 deaths have already been registered since the start of the pandemic and 6.2 million cases, according to an AFP balance .

Of the 4,233 deaths registered in the world on Monday, 684 occurred in Brazil, the second most mourning country in the world with a total of 108,500 deaths and 3.35 million infections.

The coronavirus is also expanding rapidly in Peru, which registers, in relative terms, the second highest mortality rate in the world, with 80 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, behind Belgium (86) and ahead of Spain (61)

Peruvian hospitals are saturated, with more than 14,000 patients with covid-19, and they need essential supplies such as oxygen.

Colombia also sees how the rate of transmission of the coronavirus is skyrocketing and is already close to 500,000 infections, when a month ago they were just over 173,000.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico, the third country in the world hardest hit by the pandemic with 57,023 deaths and 525,733 cases, declared that he was prepared to receive the vaccine against covid-19 “Sputnik V”, developed by Russia and seen with skepticism by the international scientific community.

In the United States, where there are already more than 170,000 deaths from coronavirus, the pandemic has forced the Democratic party to virtually hold its convention to officially nominate Joe Biden as a candidate.

For months now, the new coronavirus pandemic has put entire sectors of the world economy on the tightrope, including the air, automobile and distribution sectors.

This Tuesday, the British chain of stores Marks and Spencer announced the elimination of 7,000 jobs in the next three months, out of a total workforce of 80,000 people.

In sports, the consequences of the pandemic are also severe. The Olympique de Marseille football club confirmed that it has four infected players, which forced it to postpone the opening match of French Ligue 1, scheduled for Friday against Saint Etienne.

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