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For the first time, Michelle Galván poses for the cameras with her daughter and her husband revolutionizing the networks

After having spent a few days away from the media to focus on your recovery and after having showed the first pictures of your baby, Michelle Galvan She surprised her fans by revealing more details about her delivery.

The host gave an interview to the magazine Hola! USES where you detailed the process of bringing your baby into the world and how his family was fundamental, especially the unconditional support from her husband.

The journalist He said that he came to feel fear sometimes during childbirth, but it was her husband, Fernando Guajardo placeholder image, who It gave him the strength and support he needed to get ahead.

Another interesting detail that he revealed is that you were in labor for 36 hours, until his doctor decidedor perform an emergency cesarean section, which is why his recovery has not been as easy as he would have hoped.

The host opened his heart by confessing that, prior to the birth of her baby, had two failed pregnancies, which is why it fell into a deep depression which led her to seek psychological help.