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Gomita goes to the casino in a sensual transparent dress

The Mexican raised the temperature posing on her back while showing her enormous rear

Gummy She once again attracted the attention of 2.3 million users who follow her on her official Instagram profile, where she recently shared a snapshot in which she exhibited her voluptuous curves.

For a few days, Araceli Ordaz shared with his loyal fans that he is traveling in Miami, from where he has published some photographs in which he boasts his heart attack curves.

Arrebatao ‘turning’ in the jeepeta (turning ‘in the jeepeta)“Was how he described the image that quickly exceeded 100,000 likes, in which he posed with a tiny and tight dress with which he is about to get into a luxurious truck.

But that was not all, because recently she went to have fun at a famous Hollywood casino, where, wearing a sensual transparent dress in black, the Mexican raised the temperature by posing on her back while showing her enormous rear.

In the description of the daring image, he assured that throughout his life they have gone through too many adventures and this is one of the most rare, iconic and exceptional.

While, with a video that was shared only in his stories, he showed the sensuality with which he walks through the corridors of the entertainment center, in which he also stole glances.