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Guatemala: Supreme Court asks to investigate human rights attorney

The Guatemalan Supreme Court of Justice on Tuesday ordered the prosecution to investigate the Human Rights Ombudsman, Jordán Rodas, for allegedly having breached a court order.

In December 2017, the same Court prohibited that Office of the Attorney General from distributing the manual “Human rights, sexual and reproductive rights and care for pregnancies in girls and adolescents” for allegedly supporting and promoting abortion. She also ordered the creation of campaigns to “repair” the damage caused.

Rodas annulled the distribution of said document, which was prepared in 2015 under the administration of the previous attorney, Jorge de León Duque, but the association La Familia Importa denounced this year that Rodas has not complied with the sentence and the Supreme Court agreed.

This association is linked to some pro-government deputies who have been seeking to remove Rodas from office for months.

Following Tuesday’s resolution, Rodas took action before the Constitutional Court because he considers it illegal. “It is an arbitrary resolution and without any legal basis from the Supreme Court of Justice,” said the attorney.