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“He forgot to put on pants”, was the criticism of the fans of Un Nuevo Día to Adamari López

Adamari López seems that he had not had anything on his legs and criticism rained down on him for that

Despite how sexy it could be seen “Shorty” of Telemundo with short shorts, a Adamari Lopez what rained down on him was the criticism, as many say that it was “vulgar” and that “Forgot the pants”.

Adamari Lopez She has been very proud of her effort in losing weight and her fans have been an important part in this whole process and especially in the motivation that has led her to look different and to be applauded for it.

But this time it was different, since they criticized her for showing off her legs and the shorts she had were so short that it seemed that she was not wearing anything at the bottom. However, the most faithful did applaud her beauty and her everlasting joy.

Here we leave you another photo of the look so that you can draw your own conclusions about what the host of A new day.