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Netflix all day? How is addiction to television series

As with almost anything we overdo, it is possible to develop a addiction to series TV, which has a negative impact on us. To have a broader knowledge on the subject, we will tell you more about this condition below.

When does watching television series become an addiction?

According to the psychologist Gabriela Orozco Calderón in a portal entrance ClickSalud, the risk of watching television series arises when this activity goes from being a hobby to a authentic addiction that occupies various spaces in your life.

It is possible to perceive a certain addiction to television series when we forget or abandon activities just to watch more television, which is the case with almost all other addictions that exist since the object that generates the addiction acquires a enormous importance in the life of the individual.

Currently, people have many facilities when watching television series and that can promote the development of an addiction around them. Among these facilities we must mention the streaming services, which allow us to see the series on any device with internet.

However, the responsibility for addiction to television series can also be shared, since many times we do not tend to place limits on this activity.

Negative consequences of television addiction

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The specialist indicates that addiction to television series brings with it several risk factors, such as possibility of developing psychological or psychiatric disorders. Other negative consequences that would arise from this addiction would be:

  • Impairment of executive tasks and functions
  • Impulsiveness
  • Impaired cognitive functioning
  • Excessive dopamine release

Addiction to television series is an attitude very dangerous for our Health physical and mental, and that also significantly decreases our performance in other areas of life, so it is a condition that must be resolved promptly.