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The day they accused Marisela of being drunk and for that reason she defended herself in ‘El gordo y la flaca’

Marisela He has managed to create a long and important artistic career, however his passage to fame has left him a couple of scandals. One of them was the one that happened in 2015, when they were said to have had to cancel a performance due to their apparent drunkenness.

As expected, the program hosted by Raul de Molina and Lili estefan He couldn’t pass up the note, so they made their acid comments about it. However it seems that this the singer did not like at all, who requested a space in the program.

What had happened happened in a concert in Chile that she would give next to Pedro Fernandez and BurnetHowever, Marisela could not go on stage and it was said that it was because I was too drunk to do it. She assured that it had been aggressions against her and her team so in The fat and the skinny He wanted to clarify everything, but ended up confusing everyone more.

After giving a messy explanation, Marisela looked a bit scattered so “El Gordo”, who did not understand anything, asked him to clarify things better. Marisela attacked those who called her “drunk” and assured that she behaved like a professional because she arrived early and was even being flexible to requirements, but when it was her turn to sing she said that neither Pedro Fernández nor Pimpinela let her perform.

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