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The Mexican Government affirms that the pandemic “is in a clear phase of decline” although it warns that it is still active

The Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, during a press conference this Monday in Mexico City.—- / EFE

In almost six months since its arrival in Mexico, the coronavirus pandemic has officially left 57,023 people dead in the country. 12% of them – about 7,000 – have been reported in the last two weeks. Despite these figures, the Government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador is optimistic about the course of the health crisis. This Tuesday, during the president’s morning press conference, the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, said that the pandemic in the country “is in a clear phase of decline.” “Good news!” López-Gatell greeted during the conference at the National Palace. “We are always cautious, but the trend is clear and shows that in most of the territory the number of daily cases and deaths are decreasing. They have been declining steadily for more than six weeks, ”said the official in charge of the pandemic in Mexico, who on June 4 predicted that only in a“ very catastrophic ”scenario, Mexico would reach 60,000 deaths from covid-19 .

López-Gatell, who has warned that, despite everything, the pandemic is still active, has assured that the highest peak of contagion happened four weeks ago, when the percentage of cases detected on tests carried out exceeded 50%. The current percentage is around 45% of 1,181,695 tests carried out. The undersecretary has also affirmed that hospital occupancy is on the decline, with a recovery rate of eight out of 10 people. “Only 7% of sick people are active cases. The real size of the epidemic in Mexico is 37,867 active cases ”, said López-Gatell. The so-called are those infected in the last 14 days.

Until this Monday, Mexico has registered 525,733 infections and is the seventh country in the world with the most cases detected, although according to this count of the Americas Society, It is the second American country that has done the least tests, only behind Honduras. The number of tests and their application –Mexico only takes them when the patient presents a previous symptomatology in the consultation– has been one of the fronts where the Mexican government has received the most criticism during the pandemic. “It seems to us a legitimate concern, people identify that the tests are decreasing and the number of cases decreases, they do not start to think that it may be the other way around: the number of cases decreases and, therefore, the number of tests”, has Gatell assured this morning, announcing that Mexico has more than 300,000 covid-19 tests available and that this is a sufficient supply.

López-Gatell has also announced that this Wednesday he will accompany President López Obrador to the meeting with the National Conference of Governors to discuss the ways and times of the economic reactivation, which the Government has left in the hands of the authorities of each State. López-Gatell will attend the meeting after reinforcing the general guidelines on the traffic light that indicates the possibility of reopening in the territories. “The most recent modification to the risk traffic light was approved unanimously, everyone plays in favor since the modification is precisely the product of everyone’s work,” said López-Gatell, who seeks to avoid constant discrepancies on the numbers needed for reopening with some state governments.