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Uribe resigns from the Colombian Senate while under investigation


FILE – In this October 8, 2019 photo, Senator and former President Álvaro Uribe arrives at the Supreme Court of Justice of Colombia, in Bogotá, to be questioned in an investigation for possible witness tampering.


Former Colombian President Álvaro Uribe announced his resignation from the Senate on Tuesday while under investigation by Colombia’s Supreme Court of Justice for possible witness tampering in a case that has polarized the nation.

Uribe posted his resignation letter on Twitter. In it, he criticized the court’s decision to place him under house arrest while the investigation progresses, stating that it was a violation of his rights that “nullifies any expectation of being able to return to the Senate.”

“I hope that Colombia recovers from so many difficulties without putting liberties at risk,” he wrote in the one-page letter.

The case has divided Colombia and highlighted ongoing tensions over the historic 2016 national peace agreement that ended Latin America’s longest conflict. Uribe’s supporters consider his house arrest an injustice and point out that most of the ex-combatants are free while they testify about their war crimes as part of the agreement. His detractors and analysts argue that the house arrest warrant shows that even the most powerful can be held accountable.

Uribe has not been indicted and refutes the accusations against him.