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‘Werevertumorro’ mourns the death of ‘Juanito Sirenita’



Murió the youtuber Héctor Mickeith, better known as “Juanito“, Although some said”Juanito Little Mermaid”.

‘Werevertumorro’ says goodbye to its YouTube channel

The news was confirmed by Werevertumorro through his official Twitter account.

I don’t know where we go when we go. I hope we can see for a while what happened after we left and if so, this dog was a dick and always with all the attitude to get ahead. Thanks for everything @Hectormickeith we will miss you and I love you friend. RIP”.

The news generated reactions, such as the Golden Scorpion:

Pinche @Hectormickeith was ahead of us, after a while we caught up with him! In the meantime, rest in peace, although you are probably already freaking out elsewhere ”.

Werevertumorro parody of #LadyPXNDX

Héctor was a theater actor, he was a speakerHe played various instruments, had a diploma in dubbing.

This day again Werever reminded his friend:

Have the hours counted and I do not plan to waste them. Carnalito @Hectormickeith, I’m going to live and laugh everything that you couldn’t, dog !!! Anyway, we’ll see each other sometime ”.

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