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What is Twitter and how does it work?

What is Twitter, how does it work and what can it bring you?


Although for the inhabitants of the Internet the word Twitter and its functionality are already part of the DNA, there are those to whom this social network is hardly close.

For them, new users of Twitter, we bring you this note with everything you need to know about the trills that flood the world’s computers and devices.

Let’s get started.

Twitter allows you to send short messages to tell the world what you are doing, thinking, reading, or whatever else you want to communicate. You can also include and send photos, videos and any link to a blog post, a web page, etc. The service allows you to follow and be followed by other users.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a service that allows groups of friends, family and co-workers to communicate and stay in touch through quick and frequent messages. People post Tweets, which can contain photos, videos, links, and text. These messages are published on your profile, sent to your followers and can also be found through Twitter search. Learn more about how to use twitter.

Do I need anything special to use the service?

All you need to use Twitter is an internet connection or a mobile phone. Join us! Once you have signed up, you can start searching and following accounts whose Tweets interest you. And we will also recommend you great accounts that you may like.

What is a Tweet?

A Tweet is a message posted on Twitter; it can contain photos, videos, links and text. Tap or click the Tweet button when you want to post an update on your profile. For more information, see our article Post a Tweet.

How can I send updates to Twitter?

Read our article on how to post a Tweet. You can tweet from, from a mobile device or from an application.

What is a Retweet?

It is called Retweet to a Tweet that you forward to your followers.

How do I post an image on Twitter?

Can I edit a Tweet once I have posted it?

No, you cannot edit a Tweet after it has been posted, but you can remove it.

How do I activate the dark mode?

To turn on dark mode on, click on the profile photo, then select Dark mode from the drop-down menu. To disable the setting, just click dark mode again. Dark mode is also available in Twitter for iOS and Twitter for Android.

Who reads my updates?

Your followers can read your Tweets. If your Tweets are public, anyone who searches for a keyword that appears in your Tweet will be able to see your message. Tweets are public by default. If you have doubts about the possibility of unknown people reading your updates, protect your Tweets. In this way, you can accept your followers and keep your updates out of the search results.

Why can’t I see all my Tweets? They got lost?

We store all your Tweets. Head to your profile to see up to 3,200 of your most recent Tweets in your profile timeline. If you want to see more Tweets, you can download a file from Twitter and see a summary of your Twitter information, from your first Tweet.

Can I show my Twitter updates on my blog?

Yes, you can include a twitter tool on your blog or website, as long as they accept JavaScript or HTML.


What does it mean to follow someone on Twitter?

Follow to someone means you chose to subscribe to their updates on Twitter. When you follow someone, every time that person posts a new message, it appears in your Twitter home timeline.

How can I find people to follow?

How do I know who I am following?

When you tap or click the Follow button that appears on a person’s profile, you start following them. To see the list of people you follow, click the link Following that appears in your profile or in the sidebar of the home page.

How do I know who is following me?

What are tracking limits?

Twitter limits the number of people you can follow and the updates you can post to ensure stability and control abuse. Learn more about tracking limits.


What are the responses?

The reply is used to reply to someone else’s Tweet. To reply to someone else’s Tweet, tap or click the Reply icon that appears on the Tweet. Keep in mind that if your Tweets are protected, people who don’t follow you won’t be able to see your replies or mentions.

What is the difference between a reply and a Direct Message?

A reply It is a public message that can be sent regardless of who follows you. Anyone can see it (if your Tweets are public). A Direct message It is a private message and can only be seen by the person sending it and the intended recipients.

Direct messages

What are Direct Messages?

The Direct messages They are private messages sent from one Twitter account to other Twitter accounts. These messages do not appear in public places where they can be read by other people. You can start a conversation with any user who follows you.

Twitter policies and complaints

Why are the accounts suspended?

How can I report spam?

Where can I find more information about the Twitter Terms of Service?

How can I submit a complaint about issues related to copyright, phishing, trademarks or other issues related to the Terms of Service?

See section Terms of Service to find out what is considered a non-compliance and how to fix related problems.

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