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Why a second stimulus check could take longer and how long

Some of the negotiators of the next economic recovery package will intervene these days in the national conventions of their parties

Pelosi has refused to resume talks if Republicans don’t increase the budget.


Congressmen from Washington They started their summer break last week without reaching an agreement on economic stimulus by coronavirus. In these weeks, both parties celebrate their respective national conventions so the focus is not expected to remain on the one-time payment that so many families need.

Senate Majority Leader, Republican Mitch McConnellSaid senators would interrupt their vacation if an agreement is reached and they have to vote on it.

It is expected that important Democratic and Republican personalities – some involved in the negotiations- make their appearance during their match events, something that could delay conversations at least until September and that ends any hope of reaching an agreement before Labor Day (September 7). Senators are scheduled to return to Washington on September 8.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy pelosi, will give his speech this Wednesday night during the democratic convention. His party’s event – which began last Monday – is taking place virtually to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and former Vice President Joe Biden is expected to accept the Democratic nomination Thursday night.

Before starting her vacation last Thursday, Pelosi said she would not resume negotiations until the Republicans raise your bid by a trillion dollars, but McConnell’s party has refused to do so. The Democratic bill (Heroes Law) contemplates a budget doubling to which the Republicans propose in their Heals Act.

The Republican convention will be held August 24-27. Although hundreds of delegates will gather Monday in Charlotte, North Carolina, to officially re-nominate President Donald Trump, the remainder of the convention will be virtual,