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AMLO stops questions from reporters to the governor of Querétaro

Faced with questions from reporters about the video in which people linked to PAN are observed receiving suitcases with money, among them, Guillermo Gutiérrez Badillo, former private secretary of Francisco Domínguez, governor of Querétaro, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador stopped the questions and asked respect the decision of the local representative not to comment further on the matter.

In a morning press conference at Military Camp 17-A, the governor did not want to answer whether he would ask for a license to defend himself against the accusations of Emilio Lozoya Austin, former director general of Pemex, that he received bribes to vote in favor of the Energy Reform.

“The governor has already established his position, he did it very clearly and said that it would be his only clarification on this issue, why don’t we try to leave this matter for another moment? Even out of respect, out of respect, out of political civility, now. there will be time to vent this issue, it is also up to the Prosecutor’s Office to clarify it in due course. “

The federal executive asked the media representatives if they supported his proposal to leave these questions pending, to which the reporters answered “no.”

From his seat, the governor of Querétaro, who was wearing a mask, said that “it is the only position and I have been very clear.”