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Celia Lora exposes her heart attack curves posing with a sexy swimsuit

The Mexican model shared a sensual image in which her voluptuous curves were exposed

Celia Lora.

Photo: Édgar Medel / Reform Agency

Although in most images Celia lora She appears wearing daring lace lingerie, this time she showed that her exuberant beauty can be flaunted with all kinds of clothes.

The Mexican model, who has earned the recognition of thousands of social media followers for sharing hot images, used her official Instagram account to expose her voluptuous figure.

During the pandemic, she stopped wearing her daring bikinis, but the model made it clear that she is back and again appeared wearing a one-piece swimsuit in blue, with which she posed slightly with her back to the camera.

In recent days, the playmate has shared a series of snapshots in which she wastes sensuality using delicate white lace garments with which she has left very little to the imagination of her 7.4 million followers.

In the most recent publication, she decided to pose face down lying on a foot of the bed, thus revealing her heart-stopping curves that have fallen in love with millions.

Although the sensual posts do not allow comments, they quickly become the favorites of thousands of users, who do not hesitate to rate them with a red heart.