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Crawford’s team has their eyes on me, claims champion determined to make history


Jose Ramírez (i) determined to make boxing history, but first he must defeat Viktor Postol on August 29.

Luckily José Carlos Ramírez did not take the plane to China. The warrior was about to embark for his fight against Viktor Postol when the news came that he would not board the ship. The coronavirus was already raging in that Asian nation and, by extension, in boxing.

If all goes well, the World Council (WBC) champion will defend his 140-pound belt against Postol (31-2, 12 KO) on August 29 at the MGM Grand Conference Center in Las Vega as part of a Top Rank undercard to hit the screen on ESPN.

Ramírez (25-0, 17 KO) once again has an interesting path before him: defend against Postol, then unify against Josh Taylor and later move up to welterweight, where Terence Crawford could wait for him. In fact, he already knows they have their eye on him.

How do you get to these days leading up to the fight?

“Very good, more than ready. The main thing now is to be very careful. We do not want the fight to be canceled for the world, so we are taking all precautions not to catch it at the last minute. Many things have happened, but everything will have its reason. ”

Fight down, twice, come back, how hard has this all been?

“It has been a difficult year for me and for many people. We are facing something new, unknown, a different life. But I have never lost faith. I have kept calm, I have a good family that supports me and an excellent team that helps me adapt to these times. ”

What did you feel when you can’t travel to China?

“I was about to leave for China. She knew nothing about the coronavirus. Good thing we didn’t get to China. But yes, I would say frustrated, because he was ready, he had sacrificed Christmas. Then there was a date for May 9 and again it is canceled. There I lost my direction a bit. They were two lost camps. Wasted time for my family. ”

How has the preparation been in these months?

“We spent the first weeks looking for the right people. For people to come without problems, we took tests and when they gave negative, then we trained with them. We did everything so as not to get infected. In May I stopped a bit, but then I went back to work and the training was strong again. ”

Do you follow Brook’s plan, then Josh Taylor, then move up to welterweight?

“Of course I do and that explains the frustration. Without the coronavirus, I was now preparing against Taylor. He was going to be the first Hispanic, with Mexican roots, as the absolute champion in boxing history. That is a goal that I have, so I continue with the same plan. ”

Do you ever see yourself facing Crawford?

“Definitely. It will be a great honor to move up to 147 pounds and fight Crawford. It would be a great shock. I know the Crawford team has their eyes on me. They know that a fight against me would be Pay Per View, very big for both of us, difficult for both of us. A fight with different styles but a lot of fang. ”

Jorge Ebro is an outstanding journalist with more than 30 years of experience reporting on Sports. Baseball lover and lost love of boxing.