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Demolition begins in Baja California 370, Hipódromo Condesa neighborhood

The 15th floor of Baja 370 is already being destroyed by workers. Photo: Elizabeth Velázquez


The Environmental and Territorial Planning Attorney (PAOT) ordered the demolition of seven floors in Baja California property 370 in the Hipódromo Condesa neighborhood, after he won his first criminal complaint before the high Court of Justice, since the developer exceeded the height limit allowed.

It is a memorable date in terms of environmental and territorial justice for the city, after many years of litigation we achieved a couple of favorable sentences that force the builder, the developer of Baja California 370, to demolish the excess levels.

Since April 2017, when the PAOT issued an administrative resolution in which we realized that this development had an additional 23 meters to what is allowed in the partial program, the allowed is 24 meters in height and is exceeded by 23 ”, said Mariana Boy, holder of the PAOT

The building in Baja California 370 was projected for 15 floors; the last 7 will be knocked down.

Demolition work will last two and a half months and it will not cost the city, since the PAOT carried out a agreement with the construction company who will bear the expenses.

Boy stressed that the case (which began with criminal complaints since 2016) is unprecedented since, in addition to the demolition order, there was a sentence of eight months in prison and a fine of 12,531 pesos for the legal representative of the developer.

Finally, we obtained two favorable sentences, the first was that of the Administrative Court of Justice, which was in January 2018, the Court ordered the demolition of 23 surplus meters and, last year, (we obtained) a conviction also against the company’s legal representative, ”said the capital city official.