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Lana Rhoades raises the temperature of Instagram by posing in sinful lingerie

Thanks to her lush curves, sensual lips and an alluring attitude, Lana Rhoades continues to captivate social media with his high-voltage photography.

On this occasion, the 23-year-old did her thing by uploading a couple of images where she appears standing in a jacuzzi, while letting her attributes be admired with sinful black lingerie that only covers the essentials of her body.

“Beautiful 😍”, “You look spectacular 🤤” and “All a goddess 🔥”, were just some of the compliments that the porn actress received in the publication that has more than one million 300 thousand ‘likes’.

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In previous days, Lana also left her almost 12 million followers with a square eye, by showing herself with a tight short and a low-cut top.

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