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Meet Beren Gokyildiz, the girl star of Telemundo’s ‘Todo Por Mí Hija’

Turkish soap operas are having their moment among Latinos in the United States and will soon reach TelemundoAll for me daughter“. The tender story premieres on September 1 at 9 pm/8c and has Beren Gokyildiz as the little protagonist.

In the story, Beren gives life to Oyku, an eight-year-old girl, who, being abandoned by her aunt, is left in the care of her father, Demir, whom she has just met and who only agrees to take care of her in exchange for not going to prison. Demir, a professional con artist, does not imagine that together they will go through many trials that will unite them and form a bond of love between father and daughter, but nothing will prepare them for the secret that Oyku keeps and that will change everyone’s life. “Todo Por Mi Hija” is a Medyapim production.

Here are ten fun facts you should know about Beren Gokyildiz:

1. She was born on September 29, 2009 in Istanbul and is an only child.

2. Beren began to demonstrate her artistic gifts at the tender age of 5 when she began to appear in commercials, surprising everyone with her uncharacteristic acting ability for someone her age. Shortly after she began working on television series.

3. Daughter of a mechanical engineer and a human resources graduate, Beren has no artistic influences in her family. However, her parents noticed how Beren used to imitate everyone around her from a very young age, which is why they started taking her to auditions.

4. Beren is very popular inside and outside Turkey, with over 1 million followers on Instagram.

5. At the age of 11, Beren is already the recipient of several accolades including Best Child Actress at the 2016 Golden Butterfly Awards.

Beren Gokyildiz arrives on Telemundo in “Todo Por Mí Hija”. / Photo: Telemundo

6. As he has indicated in interviews with local media, acting for Beren is like a game that he enjoys a lot at the moment, but when he grows up he will decide if he wants to continue his artistic career.

7. For now, Beren balances her artistic career with her primary studies, and like most children, she has little preferred subjects like math and English.

8. Besides acting and studying, Beren enjoys various hobbies such as horse riding and soccer. According to his Instagram account, when he turned eight, his cake was shaped like the coat of arms of Besiktas, one of the most popular clubs in Istanbul.

9. The little actress is also passionate about music and participated in the Turkish edition of the talent competition “The Voice”, where she was part of a Christmas special.

10. Beren speaks Spanish. In fact, she has demonstrated her command of the language by performing “Despacito”, the popular song by singer Luis Fonsi.